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cod in curry sauce from prithiv

One spectacular course on Prithvi’s winter tasting menu this season has been this lightly marinated cod dish with a jaggery and tamarind sauce. This curry sauce is an exquisite ensemble of sweet, fragrant and exotic. The flavours can accompany any white fish, such as sea bream or sea bass, although our Cheltenham restaurant – Prithvi – uses fresh cod.

This delicious Jaggery and Tamarind combination can also be found in traditional chutneys  across India. It’s often served with Indian appetisers and served with samosas, chaat or paneer tikka

This curry sauce has been crafted by our Head Chef Rajesh, alongside our Executive Michelin-starred Chef Keiron. They’ve kindly divulged this recipe especially for this month.

To source the freshest spices, we recommend stocking up your pantry with spices from local Asian grocers. As well as the benefits of supporting local businesses, shopping at Asian supermarkets offers a wider range of seasoning at a better value. If you don’t live near an Indian supermarket, you can source fresh spices online from places such as Falcon. 



  •  Melt the coconut oil in a pan 
  •  Add all of the chilli, cumin and fennel in the pan until fragrant 
  •  Finely chop the red onion and slice the garlic then add into the pan 
  •  Cook until caramelised 
  •  Add turmeric, chilli powder and curry powder 
  •  Toast for 10 secs, or until fragment 
  •  Add chopped tomato 
  •  Reduce down to a paste
  •  Add fish stock cube 
  •  Leave to cook 
  •  In a separate pan, add jaggery, tamarind paste and 100ml water
  •  Dissolve the jaggery and soften the tamarind 
  •  Pass through sieve into the pan
  •  Cook for 40mins, until oil comes to the top 
  •  Put these ingredients into a blender
  •  Cook chosen fish and add into the pan 
  •  Accompany with boiled rice

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